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The concept of Titanique was first birthed at a cabaret bar in East Hollywood over a  shitty bottle of buttery chard. What started out as friends getting together on weekdays to make each other laugh turned into various readings in Los Angeles and the attention of Broadway producers. Since 2017 I have been apart of every conception and version of this musical, including it's New York Off-Broadway debut at the Asylum Theatre in June 2022.  Titanique has gone on to be a smash hit, transferring to the Daryl Roth theatre in November 2022. Just like the title song of Titanic, "My Heart Will Go On," Titanique keeps playing to sold out audiences, with no chance of sinking.  (i'm also a producer on the show;)

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"The feisty, equally poor Rose Dewitt Bukater (Alex Ellis, a vocal powerhouse with comedic chops who is now my choice to take over the lead in “Funny Girl” this fall." 


"Every role is given a new spin. Rousouli plays Jack as an aw-shucks dumb hunk, which pairs well with Alex Ellis’ agonized Jan Brady-style Rose."

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"Alex Ellis also stood out as the perfect Rose in every possible way."
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